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How To Make Tulip Cupcakes

G_P MarketingTutorial Cupcakes With Tulips   

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Material that you require: – Cupcake cream covered that you like – white fondant to cover the cupcake – Red Fondant (extra network Sugarflair) – Green Fondant (Wilton Kelly Green with Dark Brown Sugarflair) – Circle cutter ( a little bigger than your cupcake) – A clear plastic inlay – edible glue or a little water – A brush – ESTECA fluted roller fondant marker or stick – to conserve paper fondant film.

Started dyeing the fondant with the necessary colors.
For the red I used the Extra Sugarflair network as it is the best result given to a deep red.
For green I used the Wilton kelly green, with a little bit of brown to remove the original green fluorescent be more natural.
If you are wondering why I use two different brands, is simple, the first colors I bought were Wilton (when she had not done anything with fondant), but now Sugarflair always buy because they are suitable for coeliacs. The Wilton may contain traces of gluten.
1 – To color the fondant, we color using a toothpick. Will add little by little, as some dye lot with very little. If we need to put more color, use a toothpick again, to avoid contaminating the dye.
Knead well until thoroughly mixed and wrap in plastic wrap to prevent drying.
2 – Roll out the white fondant with a rolling pin and cover with plastic wrap. On it we put the circle cutter and lobby to make the cut.
The plastic wrap will make little round the edge is more than would be directly cut on fondant. (This trick I learned from Alma).
3 – We cover the cupcake with fondant, centering fine. Gently pressed on the cupcake so that it is well sealed around the edges.
4 – We make 6 small balls of fondant with a drop, which will form the petals of the tulip.
We put them in the plastic inlay and crush with your finger. You can do it even without plastic, but that’s more comfortable and then unstick. 5 – We mark each petal with the modeling tool, turning it as shown in the photo, or by checking two or three lines in the widest part with a toothpick or scoring tool. 6 – Put the petal that will look back at all. If anyone has been smaller than the rest, take advantage to put it there. Then place the next petal, on the first, slightly tilted to one side and on this the third petal, inclined to the opposite side. paste can be used for edible glue or a little water, with the help of a brush. The second tulip becomes equal, but sometimes want to be changing the last petal position, so it is not as symmetrical. If one has the last petal to the right, I put the other left. We can also change the size a little and put the number of tulips we want.

7 – With the green fondant make a small curler and cut in half, to make the stems. We put a little glue where we want to put the stem and place it carefully.
protruding We cut it out and adjust well to the edge. 8 – To make 4 leaves elongated pears, place them between the two plastics of the booklet and crushed finger. We start with the most chubby and drag towards the tip, to lengthen it a bit more as you flatten. 9 – We make a line in the center of each sheet, marker or with a toothpick. And put them one by one with care, adding a little water to glue or paste in the fondant, and bend sideways much as we like to give them movement. placing a tulip You can go higher than the other, stems inclined fold the sheets, put to one side, superimposing, a tip bent … What you can think of. ‘s pretty easy and quickie to do.